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Nowadays everyone wants to be slim and trim. What is it that causes people to starve and punish themselves with rigorous exercise to gain a "perfect body?" With widespread education, everyone is now familiar with the health hazards of being overweight. Being overweight can lead to a number of diseases such as heart problems and clogging of the arteries and veins, which if not taken care of could prove fatal. It has now become clear that in order to lead a healthy life, you need to keep fit. In order to gain a fit body people, are looking at new ideas for effective weight loss.

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There are various solutions for an effective weight loss like excessive dieting and supplements that promise quick results. But not all the solutions provide the results promised and could result in a number of side effects like sagging skin. What one needs to understand is that weight loss should not be sudden and should be accompanied by a healthy diet. These prime points are taken into account by the natural weight loss methods that do not involve heavy exercise or fad diets. Natural weight loss methods do not have any proven side effects, as they do not involve exposing the body to harmful chemicals or surgical procedures.

Natural weight loss includes herbal pills and supplements, along with consumption of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. It also involves substitution of high calorie foods with low calorie, healthy substitutes. For example skimmed milk can be substituted for whole milk. The diet plan includes consumption of 5 small meals everyday instead of 2-3 big meals a day. This is because it is proven that if smaller meals are taken at regular intervals they will keep you full, and you will not feel hungry. Therefore, you will be les likely to eat unhealthy and fattening foods like chips and burgers.

These natural methods also combine moderate exercise like walking and yoga for half an hour three times a week. This will keep you active and keep you mind off food. For this reason you can also take up a hobby so that you have minimal free time, as boredom can also be the cause of an increase in appetite.

Whatever natural method you take up, you should be ready for a slow, steady weight loss, rather than a rapid weight loss that can be quickly gained back.

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