5 Weight Loss Industry Secrets

As you know, the weight loss industry is enormous! According the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it is estimated that one third of all adults in the United States are considered obese, and two of three adults are considered overweight. Currently we have an estimated 150 million over weight adults and children in the U.S. alone.

Obesity is on the verge of surpassing smoking as the number one cause of preventable death and has been labeled by health care professionals as the modern day epidemic of the 21st Century.

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What this does is creates a very large need (market) for dietary products and services. After all, that is the next "gold rush". For many, the objective becomes how quickly they can help themselves to your pocketbook. So they swiftly create products, services, and other resources that will fill the need for those who are seeking to lose weight. Many of the products and programs most heavily advertised are, at best, unproven, and at worst, unsafe. This becomes unjust to the handful of companies and health care professionals that really do put the time, money, and effort in to quality products and services that take the weight off and keep it off.

Think about it, the weight loss industry involves franchises, advertisements, pharmaceutical companies, food companies, diet books, television (reality & infomercial), exercise equipment, and the list goes on and on with diet pills and programs.

So, the below are the 5 biggest secrets the weight loss industry doesn't want you to know, because they would lose billions.

#1 The weight loss industry is in the business of "Making Money." Period. The industry pays millions for celebrities to advertise their products. Why? Because as the years go by we follow our favorite stars...it doesn't matter if they were popular 30 years ago, made a bad CD, movie, or had a meltdown. Once we become emotionally attached to them; we will buy anything they ask us to.

#2 Did you know, most magazine publishers own supplement companies and use their magazines as the primary means for promoting their products. Magazines have mega-credibility. The most well-known magazines have been doing this for decades. Be careful what you read!

Take notice on how many magazine articles are about the latest and greatest "breakthroughs" in supplements. These are "sales articles" disguised as advertisements. How much more convenient can you get? Just place a small order form, website, and 1-800 number, and ordering is complete.

#3 Diets are not effective in controlling weight. You can get temporary weight loss with a diet, but each scheme ultimately gives way to weight gain, and subsequent losses become increasingly difficult. Worst of all, you get progressively fatter on less food. Dieting actually makes you gain weight!

#4 The weight loss industry doesn't want you to identify who educated you about weight loss? The most important thing here is for you to inform yourself, and please realize that over 95% of everything that you think you know about weight loss was taught to you either directly or indirectly by "The Weight Loss Industry"...

#5 They also don't want you to know how dangerous most "diet pills" are. Pharmaceutical companies also have their hands in the "Cookie Jar". Pharmaceutical companies are key players in both the economy and in the weight loss industry!

Without doubt, there are scientifically proven and FDA approved drugs that suppress appetite that are safe. Beware, just because a diet pill has a popular new discovery ingredient doesn't mean it is neither the right type nor the right amount. The weight loss market loves new drugs but as you know, most are not at all safe. Remember Fen-phen? Do you really need to sacrifice pounds for your heart, liver, kidney and so on...? So why look for the unproven, unsafe "diet pill of the year"?

I hope that I've helped, in some small way, to guide you on the right path to slimming down for life.

Take it from someone that has been there. It took me years and thousands of dollars of weight loss magic pills that I still have underneath my bed before I found a safe product that along with a healthier life style, took the fat off.

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