The Importance of Setting a Realistic Weight Loss Goal

When we first decide to embark on a weight loss plan, it is important to set an achievable and realistic weight loss goal, but what constitutes realistic? This all depends on what our starting weight is, and how much weight we need to lose to get to our goal weight. For example, it is hardly realistic to expect to shed 40 pounds in one month, and if it was possible, it would not be a healthy way to do it.

Here are a few helpful tips for setting a realistic weight loss goal:

Realistic Weight Loss Goal Tip #1 - Gradual, Consistent Improvement

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As we know, we cannot instantly switch from being overweight to slim. Between these two states we need to take many small steps such as habits needing to be changed, decisions and choices have to be made, lifestyle changes need to be implemented, and various stages of progress to be achieved. If we begin a weight loss program with the attitude that we have to, or are going to shed those unwanted pounds, we may be bogged down by a sense of frustration and anxiety until we eventually reach our weight loss goal.

Alternatively, if we maintain an attitude of always seeking steady, consistent improvement of our eating and exercise habits, we will lose weight naturally and be more content and relaxed about the process. Instead or pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone, we will confidently relax into the process of learning how to make better, wiser decisions, and benefiting from the positive rewards that these choices bring.

Realistic Weight Loss Goal Tip #2 - Being Ourselves, But Better

When some of us decide to lose weight, we seem to imagine that we will become a completely different person, but losing weight alone will not change the person we are. Yes, being slim will transform the way we look, the way our clothes fit, and probably how we feel, but that is the extent of it. Nothing else in our lives or anything else about ourselves personally will have changed. This may be very disappointing for those of us that believe losing weight will solve all our personal or physical problems, or change our lives in any way.

When we set our weight loss goals, we should not attempt to remodel ourselves into someone else. Why not just be ourselves but a better, healthier and improved version of the person we are. We should strive to develop ourselves personally and professionally, not just physically. If we can do this, when we reach our weight loss goal, we will be proud of the person we have become, not focusing only on the way we look.

Realistic Weight Loss Goal Tip #3 - Keep Patient

No matter how much, or little weight we need to lose to reach our weight loss goal, it is vital that we keep patient as we work towards it. We should be content with, and expect to achieve moderate results, rather than instant, overnight miracles. We should embrace the journey to a sleek, slim physique, rather than getting frustrated, anxious, and depressed because we are not achieving success quickly enough. Being impatient will merely make the experience stressful, even unbearable, but being patient and relaxed will make the whole process an enjoyable exercise. Obviously achieving a successful weight loss goal is not going to happen overnight, so we may as well take whatever steps we can to make the experience as pleasant and comfortable as we possibly can.

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